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Ep. 6 - Books That Changed Our Lives

Ep. 6 - Books That Changed Our Lives

Did you hear about our "I'm Totally Into..." GIVEAWAY??? We announced it on this episode!!! Check out the details BELOW, after our Show Notes!

This week's episode is all about books that have "changed our life." Books that we have read at some point in our lives, that made a lasting impression, and are high on our "must read" recommendation list. This was a fun episode for us to record and a topic that we will have to revisit again and again.... because there are so many! We each picked three books to discuss - let us know if you have read these and if they would be on YOUR list of "books that changed my life"! And if you have a book that we need to know about, let us know in the comments or email us at!

Courtney's three books were:

Roaring Lambs

Sacred Marriage and Sacred Parenting

Little Women (and HERE is the beautiful Rifle Paper Co. version she mentioned)

Jennifer's three books were:

The 5 Love Languages

Stuff Christians Like


For this week's "I'm Totally Into..." 

Jennifer introduced us to Dr. Pimple Popper! The disclaimer she gave was that while she is NOT totally into this, she is aware (because of her husband and mom!) that there is a huge population of people who DO love this kind of stuff and would be "totally into" it!!

Courtney loves her Chi Iron and gave a great hack for it. Listen to find out what it is!

And now for information about our FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY! What, what??!! Who wants a basket full of some of our "Totally Into's" we've talked about? (Me, me!!) There are TWO ways to enter and you can get one entry with each way (so two entries total if you're still not tracking me yet!). 

1. Go to and leave us a review!

2. Go HERE to our instagram page and tag a friend (or twenty) on the instagram post where you see both of us holding all the fun "Totally Into" prizes! It's a fun boomerang video that took us about 800 takes. Ok, just seven. But still. 

Get both entries completed by NOVEMBER 7th. We will DM you (that's "direct message," mom) if you're on Instagram and you'll hear it announced at the beginning of Episode 9. You'll have one week to reply back to us or we'll have to find another winner. (Sad! Don't make us do that!)

Yippee! And good luck! 

Ep. 7 - Playdates & Sleepovers: How do you DO that?

Ep. 7 - Playdates & Sleepovers: How do you DO that?

Ep. 5 - Let's Talk Chores - Kenny G, Michael Bolton, & Heart ?!?!

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