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Ep. 21 - Q and A...Part Two!

Ep. 21 - Q and A...Part Two!

Welcome back to part two of our Q&A episode! We loved last week's episode, so why not another?! Thank YOU again for all your questions - we have loved interacting with our listeners these last two weeks! Please keep sending in your questions and comments!

Here you can find the dry shampoo travel sizes Courtney is using so far...any advice? Here's the link to Sephora's Extend Your Style Dry Shampoo Collection! Let us know if you get one and how it works for you!

In one of our questions, we referenced episode 11 - Stop Shoulding All Over Yourself! If you haven't listened to this episode addressing "mom guilt," it's a good one!

Jennifer mentioned the Wild at Heart book by John Eldredge with Captivating by John Eldredge & Stasi Eldredge when answering one of the questions. You just might hear about these books the next time we do another "Books That Changed My Life" episode!

Courtney mentioned the How to Talk to Little Girls article by Lisa Bloom (also loved this blog post by Joanna Goddard at when we answered a great question from one of our listeners.

Jennifer mentioned On Becoming Babywise - Part One and On Becoming Babywise - Part Two. She and Courtney both are fans of this book for getting ready for baby!

When talking about discipline, Courtney gave us a definition of object permanence, which you can find here.

From our "I'm Totally Into..." segment:

Jen is totally into Craigslist! Like, seriously, totally, for real into. She's been hunting and gathering through this medium for many years and has lots of tips and tricks! We may even do an episode on this one day! If you're in Nashville, send her your requests, and she will help you hunt!

Courtney is totally into The Original Makeup Eraser! Y'all can't "see" it, but Jennifer got to and agreed that it looks totally legit!

Have a great week mamas!

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Ep. 22 - "Are My Kids on Track?" with Special Guests David Thomas & Sissy Goff

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