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Ep. 53 - Happy Birthday to US! Mommin' Ain't Easy LIVE!

Ep. 53 - Happy Birthday to US! Mommin' Ain't Easy LIVE!

You guysssss!!!!!! We can’t believe it….. It’s our FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!! What, what?!?!!! We have so many “!!!” and heart eye emojis right now! That’s right, we’ve done 52 episodes! What a journey this has been for us. We are so, so very thankful to YOU, our listeners, for a whole year of listening, encouraging, sharing, and coming alongside us. We started the conversation a year ago, and we have loved that the conversation has grown to include so many amazing women and mothers. Thank you for supporting us for an entire year!


We’ve said this before, but it’s not just the two of us. Courtney’s Nathan is a huuuuge part of this podcast and we are so thankful for him. He puts in as much time as we do (and some weeks he might argue more!). We’ve had so many people ask us how to “do” a podcast and we truly still don’t know - ha! But Nathan does… Thank you, Nathan!! Heart eyes for you, too (and those shoes).


Ok, so before this starts sounding like an Oscar speech, let’s get on with today's episode! We are super excited about it, y’all. A couple weeks ago, we taped an episode LIVE with an AUDIENCE! We asked you to call in to answer some questions and asked those questions of our audience. It. Was. So. Much. Fun. We reminisced about what we have learned this past year, our favorite episodes, the books we read and reviewed and loved, our favorite “totally into,” and more. Specific episodes that were brought up by our audience and you were:

Episode 22 - Discussing Are My Kids on Track? with the authors David Thomas & Sissy Goff - one of our all time favorites!

Episode 42 - A Conversation on Miscarriage and Stillborn Loss with Special Guest Christina Ford

Episode 34 - Things I Wish I Had Known About Pregnancy - we heard from a dad-to-be on this one!

Episode 19 - The Enneagram & Mommin’ with Special Guest Beth McCord - In case you hadn’t heard (ha!), we love the enneagram!

Episode 48 - Things I Wish I Had Known about the Toddler Years!

Episode 37 - An Interview with Jennifer’s Special Guest, Mai Thi!

Episode 32 - Camping with Kids - what’s that like?

Episode 2 - A Conversation about Birth Order - Not My Ship to Run

Episode 40 - Navigating Technology & Social Media with Special Guest Anna Macfarlane

Episode 46 - All You Need to Know About Raising Girls - a discussion on the book

Some lines that have stuck out to a couple of you…

Episode 11 - Mom Guilt — “Stop shoulding all over yourselves!”

Episode 29 - Things I Wish I Had Known about Trying to Start a Family! — “I thought growing up, when you had sex, you would get pregnant. End of story.”

Episode 25 - A Discussion on Foster Care with Special Guest Katie Finklea — “Sometimes you’re the one doing it, sometimes you’re the village.”

Books and tools that you guys have loved were:

Family Social Guides by Anna Macfarlane

Raising Girls by Sissy Goff & Melissa Trevathan

Are My Kids on Track? by David Thomas & Sissy Goff

Smart Money, Smart Kids by Dave Ramsey & Rachel Cruze

We mentioned our next book that we will be discussing on October 8 - Tell Me More by Kelly Corrigan. There’s still three weeks to get this book in time for that episode!

Totally Intos that were mentioned as favorites were:

Scrub Daddy Sponges

Mott50 Sonja Swim Dress

Marco Polo App

Tinkle Face Shaver

Sephora Perfume Sampler

Please Hate These Things instagram

One Second Everyday App

Again - thank you for cheering us on and being a part of our “comommunity” this year. Our goal for this podcast has always been to just be a conversation among friends, talking about allllll the things having to do with “mommin’.” The mundane… the exciting… the planned… the really, really difficult… the trivial… the life-changing… So. Many. Things. It ain’t easy. Mommin’ ain’t easy. And it was never meant to be done alone or in isolation. It requires a village. A community. A support system. Lots and lots of conversation. We love having those conversations about all the mommin’ things, but more than anything, we want to encourage you to find your community. Find you some people to walk this road with. Learn from. Grow with. Hash it out with. Other women to support you and love on your kids. If you need help with that, let us know, and we would love to help point you in the right direction to finding community! In the meantime, we are gonna keep having mommin’ conversations in our corner of the podcast world, and we hope it continues to encourage you, inspire you, and make you laugh! Much love to all of you and here we goooo onto year TWO!

Lastly, here are some pictures from our morning! What a treat for all of us - THANK YOU to the amazing ladies (and a few dudes) who came out to celebrate!

Ep. 54 - Bravery Magazine with the Creators, Elyse & Ashley

Ep. 54 - Bravery Magazine with the Creators, Elyse & Ashley

Ep. 52 - Navigating Your Child's Dreams with Special Guest Tracy Jones

Ep. 52 - Navigating Your Child's Dreams with Special Guest Tracy Jones