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Ep. 70 - A Surprise That Changes Our Lives Forever - an Interview with Paige about Organ Donation

Ep. 70 - A Surprise That Changes Our Lives Forever - an Interview with Paige about Organ Donation

Hey there, friends! We hope this wonderful Monday finds you all ready for a great week ahead! It’s cold in these parts, and we are still waiting on our first snow, but our friends up in the DC area are definitely getting it for us! Happy playing!

We are super excited for today’s episode! Jennifer’s longtime friend from high school, Paige Eavenson, is joining us to talk about organ donation, a topic very near and dear to her heart. Almost four years ago, her daughter, Corrie, had to have a liver transplant. “Corrie’s Story” is an amazing story and Paige’s testimony throughout the process is inspiring. She is a Beach Body coach, a VIPKID teacher, and a speaker at women’s ministry events and conferences (and anything else you want her to speak at!) She is beautifully positive and wonderfully hilarious, and we know you will be tremendously moved by her story.

In our show, Paige told us about the book, The Puzzle People by Thomas Starzl. She also mentioned Coolibar Sun Protective Clothing & Swimwear. And she gave a HUGE shoutout to The Ronald McDonald House. Anyone who has been blessed by this organization know just how impactful it is to families in situations like Paige’s family.

You can find Paige and Corrie a lot of places online! Here are all the ways to follow along or get in touch with her - Corrie’s Story website, Corrie’s Instagram account, Corrie’s Facebook page, Paige’s personal website, Paige’s facebook group - for moms of tweens and teens - such great conversation here!

And when you listen, you will hear the details about Corrie’s 3rd Annual Pajama Drive! Corrie’s goal is to collect 700 pajamas!!!! Send pjs to: Paige and Corrie Eavenson, 225 Point Road, Seneca, SC 29672. Or you can reach out to Paige on instagram or through her website to get information on donating through PayPal or Venmo.

What can you do TODAY?? Other than those jammies, ALL it takes to help is to be an organ donor. Either check that box when getting your driver’s license or go to and register yourself. It’s literally that easy.

From our “I’m Totally Into…” segment:

Paige is totally into Daniel Fasting and Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough. There is only a week left in the Facebook group Paige has been hosting, but you can find out about it here.

Courtney is totally into the Magnolia Table book by Joanna Gaines - she has loved the recipes!

Jennifer is totally into her super thick socks. Yes, socks. Paige is into fasting for spiritual breakthrough and Jennifer is into socks. 😂

We hope you love today’s episode as much as we loved chatting with Paige and hearing her story. Isn’t she amazing and inspiring?! We both really, really appreciate that everyone, every woman, every mom, has a story. We love hearing these stories and sharing them with you. Much love, mamas! Have a great week!

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